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Confidential Counselling Services offers one to one Counselling for adults (18 years and above),  Individual and Group Supervision, Management Supervision, Mediation and Critical Incident Defusing and Debriefing. Centrally located in Chelmsford, CCS Can provide immediate intervention and direct referral to NHS Mental Health Services.


A former, Nurse and Midwife I have always been interested in healing, however it was when a close family member developed a life threatening Eating Disorder that I became more interested in psychological health and trained to become an Integrative Therapist. Using a client -centred approach, I can provide a safe, supportive comfortable and confidential space, drawing from a large  bag of psychological tools, training and experience which enables me to work intuitively and quickly with clients. I believe asking for help can be very daunting and that it takes a lot of courage to make the first step.

Often our childhood experiences help to form a pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving which is not helpful as we become adults and we can feel stuck and unsure of how to move forward with life. Counselling can help to increase self -awareness, self-understanding, facilitating empowerment and positive change. I trust you will know what you need to talk about.

I offer short and long term therapy for a variety of issues including Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Depression, Physical, Emotional and Sexual abuse, Identity and Gender, Bereavement, Relationship difficulties, pregnancy related issues, including infertility, miscarriage, loss of baby and post-natal depression, low self -esteem, loss of confidence, Cancer, chronic conditions such as  Fibromyalgia and Disability.

A qualified Mediator I offer Mediation Facilitation to schools, Businesses and large Organisations.

I offer Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)  to Businesses, Schools and large Organisations.

A qualified Supervisor I offer monthly Supervision to student and qualified Counsellors.



To provide a team of highly qualified, fully accredited healthcare professionals who are passionate about helping and supporting children, young people and adults on their journey to reach their optimum psychological and physical health.

To acknowledge and demonstrate equality and diversity at all times.

To work confidentially according to the Ethical Code of Conduct and the Ethical Principles of the BACP, the principles of EMDR UK and Ireland Association, The Hypnotherapy Society and the Federation of Holistic Therapies.


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